My New Website

It has been almost 4 months by now. It has always been my dream to have own website. May it be a blogging website. But something of my own.

Few months back, I finally decided to give it a try and made my own website. Got to learn a few things by it as well.

Technical part was not really a problem as a good guidance is available online. Most crucial part for me was ‘What would be name of my website ?’ After some thinking about what all I would be writing about, I landed up to a perfectly suitable domain name, summing up everything. Then bought that domain from a good domain and hosting service provider and now happily teaching my baby website to walk.

Everyone who followed me here, I request to all to visit at least once to the website. Come once, I will make you stay with good articles. 🙂

Come and visit

Stay in touch 🙂

– Gaurav Pande

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Book Review -1- ‘Eleven Minutes’

Every genuine reader reads a book as if she is walking the path of the story, gently holding a finger of the author. Sooner or later, every reader realizes that, she is not reading to understand the story, not with any materialistic aim either; reading becomes a necessity, a craving of the heart which evolves theeleven minutes reader into a new person after every book read.

In this path, there is always at least one book which has changed us from the core of the heart. One such book to be mentioned is ‘Eleven Minutes’ by Paulo Coelho. The book tells story of a girl, Maria, who is heartbroken in a tender age and decides to pursue career in modeling. The dream in her eyes gets shattered as she gets into samba dancing and later gets pulled into prostitution. She has not made a taboo out of the whole ‘body selling’ business. Instead, the author states a point here that everybody is selling their mind and soul for some fixed ‘hours’ everyday while doing the salaried job. Maria gets torn between saving her kiss for the love and fear of never achieving her dreams.

The book certainly changes the way we look at the prostitutes.  Well, money is a heartless monster and everything comes at its feet eventually. It is upon us, how we save passion and time for ‘that’ one kiss.

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Need of Internships

Internship in professional courses is analogous to apprenticeship training program in trading jobs. Along with regular curriculum, internship has its own significance in current education world. In fact, for many masters courses in foreign countries Internships are included as a part of curriculum. Advertisements of internships in reputed organizations, companies flood social media during vacations. With exponential rise in intern opportunities in this century all over the world, it would be interesting to understand why internships matter?

Internship is a mutual give and take between an organization and the intern (typically student). With the rapid pace of evolution of technology and there by evolution of all the fields of study which are directly or indirectly affected by it, the regular curriculum falls short to provide practical knowledge of industry to the students. Thus, internships can be a good option for students to ‘apply’ their knowledge well before actual entrance into the industry. Interns can check if they are really interested in the fields they are planning to work in the future. Internships provide industrial experts guidance which could add a whole new dimension to the working and thinking of the intern.

About financial aspect of internship, the intern may or may not get stipend, it depends upon the organization’s policy. Though, Stipend is nominal as compared to the salary scale of the same job, it financially helps to students who live away from home and need temporary jobs. In some fields like IT and Media, online internships are also on a roll.

Not only students but organizations too are benefited by internships. Firstly, payments to be done to the interns are nominal, or in some cases they are not required to be paid. Organizations train interns by letting them do a small part of their own projects with some guidance. Thus, organization’s time and resources aren’t wasted. Moreover, organizations hire ‘freshers’ regularly for growth, in which they need to expend a lot for ‘recruitment and training’ process. These expenses can be considerably reduced if organization can find their ‘would be’ employee in internship students and every organization tries for it.

Most importantly, it is the resume of internship student which gets strengthen.  The gap between education in university and practical knowledge requirements in industry is mitigated by internships. To sum it up, imagine if we were to hire a cook, whom would we prefer? One who has only ‘read’ many books about cooking or the one who has read books and tried to cook ? I guess the answer tells exactly why internship matters.

–         Gaurav Pande

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